Dog howls and cries when left alone

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Pretty much what the title says.

My 7 month terrier mix doesn’t like being left alone. He doesn’t get destructive in his crate (so far) but he does howl non-stop.

I just got a job, and thought I could rely on his doggy daycare that’s open late and 7 days a week, while I work on this, but said daycare isn’t an option anymore as for whatever reason their only open 3 days a week now.

His new daycare, while right across from my work, isn’t open late and isn’t open on Sundays, and unfortunately I have work this weekend, and I can’t call out. Unfortunately, he’s going to have to be home alone this weekend (I have a late shift Saturday and new daycare will close while I’m on shift). A different dog daycare isn’t an option unfortunately.

I can call a walker for him, hopefully, but that won’t help with his howling.

I’ve tried Kong’s, bones, hiding treats inside his crate, but the second I’m gone, he’s too anxious to care.

Is there anything I can do to muffle his howling or something, so I don’t get in trouble with my landlord? I doubt between now and Saturday, he’ll learn to be quiet, but we’re working on it.

Thank you.

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