Dog Hides An Entire Sandwich In His Opening

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A lot of us learn the hard way- pups will devour just about anything. When they’re puppies, they find out what’s edible by, well, gobbling it. Shoes, rug, boulders, underwear and anything else they can get their teeth on get tested, both out of interest and as a direction to deaden their hurt gums. While their permanent teeth should be present at about eight months of age, it often takes much longer to break-dance them of their chewing wonts. There’s no cure-all solution, but stopping the members of this house picked up and a variety of bones and dolls on hand leads a long way.

However, some hounds exactly aren’t satiated by even the fanciest plows or squeakiest playthings. What they truly miss is whatever you have, specially when it is necessary to food. When the dog in this video was left alone with an entire sandwich, the temptation was too much. Whether he was feeling more guilty to actually eat it or was “holding” it for safekeeping, we’ll never know.

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