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My roommate and I got a dog a few months ago, with my roommate being the primary owner. The dog got attached to my roommate within the first week, and has hated me ever since. I've posted here before, but what I thought were initial jitters about moving in with strange people isn't going away when everything else is getting better.

To give some examples, whenever I get home from work, our dog runs from me while growling softly and letting out a little bark. If my roommate is home, he'll run around the house acting nervous, but if it's just us, he'll try his best to hide. It's rare that he'll take any treats from me, basically only when he's on my roommate's lap, and I learned the hard way that he would rather spend nine hours underneath my roommate's bed than be anywhere near me.

We've tried quite a few things to make any progress, and it's gone nowhere. I've been the one feeding him for quite a while now, I've tried giving him treats anytime I saw him (didn't last long considering he never took it and ran away), I've been ignoring him for about a month now, we've taken him for long walks, I've given him some of my food, but it seems to be getting worse. Granted, I'm not sure if it's getting worse, or the dog is getting more comfortable and showing his emotions more freely, but my point is the same.

Today was a bad day because I got home from work and no one was home, so naturally the dog was hiding behind the toilet. I open the door and get in the bathtub to give him a clear escape route, but he doesn't take it. Having to go, I finally reach down and pick him up, only to have him start pooping as I'm carrying him. I also got out of the shower tonight, put on my pajamas, and walked out to the living room where I got near my roommate. The dog lets out a loud growl and bark and starts running around the living room looking at me and growling and barking for a few minutes before my roommate went and stopped him.

I just don't get it. I don't think I've done anything to hurt him, the dog is an absolute angel in public (loves both dogs and people except for me), but hates me. I feel like it's been long enough where the dog should start getting used to me, and not go hide behind the toilet every time I come home, but there's been absolutely no progress, and there's no way we're giving him back to the shelter, so I just feel like the dog is going to continue to hate me for the foreseeable future.

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