Dog has sudden separation anxiety.

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Our 1yo Australian Cattle Dog who we've had for about 3 months has suddenly started getting separation anxiety. When we first got her, we successfully crate trained her. She would happily stay in her crate during the day (someone always goes home at lunch to let her out and play with her a little).

Three days ago she busted her crate open, snapping the wires. A couple of days before this she had started whining a little when we would leave. We decided to try and house train her, as obviously the crate wasn't her safe space anymore (though she still happily snoozes there at night when we're there sleeping too. We did one room at a time like we had read to do. First day (two days ago) we stuffed a spare room full of toys, kong, food and water. She was fine all day, today we went home at lunch and goodbye drywall and bottom of the door.

She gets a BUNCH of love, exercise morning and night (and a little in the middle of the day). We don't know what to do.

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