Dog growls at puppy again

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I didn’t get to introduce them on a neutral ground, and he was quite growly at the start. However, slowly we walked them together, treated them, loved them equally. The puppy (9/10 weeks) is a female, and the dog is a male (2 years). In the end they started playing together, with the older dog being very cute and gentle and it was honestly adorable. I’ve never been so happy before, and so was my family. However then, 2 days ago things turned bad, very bad. The dogs were playing a bunch, and then the older dog got tired, so he laid down next to me (on the couch). I told my sister to grab the puppy, so she wouldn’t annoy him further, however she didn’t, and then the puppy jumped on him and lunged onto his ear, leaving it bloody. The dog reacted defensively and started growling, and lunged onto the puppy, making it scream and whine. He didn’t back away right away so I pulled him off and held him as my sister took the puppy away. We checked her later, she was completely fine, but a little shaken.

So now we’re here. The dog now growls as soon as she looks at him (not just when he sees her, for example when I was sitting on my bed petting her, and he was cuddled up to my legs also being pet, he was quiet and seemed calm) However then she turned around and leaned down, looking at him, he started growling and showing his front teeth. I think he also took a few steps back. He doesn’t have to be close to growl though, since when my sister was with the puppy, he started growling when 3 meters away upon making eye contact with the puppy.

I don’t know what to do. Rehome the puppy? I’m exhausted, I put so much effort into making them friendly, and now this is happening.

TDLR: My dog growls at puppy as soon as she looks at him after she bit him. What should I do?

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