Dog gotten hostile and aggressive towards me

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Hi! Just wanted to get an insight/advice on this.

Recently, our dog has been very hostile towards me. He actually tried to bit me and chase me around the house with a harmful intent. To be honest, I was really scared since its the first time our dog has been like this.

He started getting hostile when on one occassion I tried to move his food bowl near to him because of the rain drops from our roof. He didn't react to it but whenever I'm passing by it, he growls intensively followed by a chase around the house. Since then, whenever he hears my footsteps/ sees me he immediately runs at me, trying to bite me and all. I'm genuinely scared. With my other house members, he is actually pretty calm and normal. They had to deliver my food/dinner to my room since he sleeps near the kitchen. I can't even leave my room. I love him since he was little and am pretty sad that it turned out this way because of a little gesture.

Where did I go wrong? What should I do to regain his trust back or get things back to normal?

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