Dog gets upset/anxious when I have a guy over

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Ok, so had my guy for 3 years and he’s about 5. We’re a team—lots of bonding, we walk 2-3x/day, etc. he’s super friendly and loves other people/kids/dogs (no cats!). I didn’t really date until about a year ago as I was focusing on school and then work and then buying my house so this is all pretty new to me. I had one serious boyfriend who Bubba had no problem with but if I bring a guy home and we go upstairs to my bedroom or even just making out on the couch my pup goes crazy—crying, getting all the toys out, getting tissue out of the bathroom, etc. None of these are behaviors I’ve seen since the first few weeks I got him. He doesn’t have separation anxiety (the bro sleeps like a champ), he doesn’t act like this when I have friends over, he stops as soon as the guy leaves. He is not distracted by going outside, food, chew toys, or anything else I’ve been able to try. Thoughts/advice/ideas?

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