Dog freaks out when I take the other one out to pee

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I have two pit bulls, one is about 7/8 and the other is 1.5 years. I live in the mountains, so I have to walk them every time they need to pee because my backyard isn’t fenced or even easily accessible.

The problem is that when one dog is out, the other one freaks out! They both do this, but the older one is much worse. They will cry the entire time and jump up on my window sills and tables, which is not only annoying but very destructive!

The older one isn’t friendly, so sometimes I take the younger one for a longer walk to see some of his friends. The older one will cry THE ENTIRE TIME, which can be up to an hour.

They seem to be fine alone when they are together, but without any humans. Any ideas /advice /insight???

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