Dog eats other dogs poop.

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I have a blue heeler, aegon, who is a little over 1 y/o. I have a blue heeler mix, Rhaegar, who is about 8 m/o. Well, when aegon poops Rhaegar doesn’t even let the poop hit the ground before he has it in his mouth. This is gross and looks like he’s violating aegon. Aegon stops and tries to go somewhere else in the yard. Rhaegar is right there. Aegon then gets pissy and snarls. I’ve separated them when I know for sure aegon has to poop but I can’t always tell and he doesn’t necessarily have a schedule for his movements. I don’t love to take them out one at a time because it causes jealousy and I like for them to play together outside because, well, it’s outside and we will play and wear themselves out and come in and relax. This isn’t just Rhaegar eating poop in the yard because he doesn’t eat his own. I don’t know what to do anymore, I’ve never seen a dog do this. I know how it all sounds. I’ve started holding him back from Aegon but I don’t feel like I should have to do this. Sometimes I just want to let me dogs in the backyard unsupervised and I don’t feel like I can at the moment. Does anyone have and advice? Tips? Why is this a thing? Lol thanks in advance.

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