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She knows that harness = going out and have fun. She is fine with the leash but not the harness. When she hears the harness she runs and hide in places hard to reach. We've tried encouragement, very special treats, new harness and collars. She is actually a little better with collar but still she will run and hide. Sometimes I'll bait her with a new treat and hide the harness behind my back. When she realized she fell for the treat, she will spit the treat out when I get the harness out.

As soon as we put on the harness, she runs towards the door to wait for the leash and to go out.

I can only get her out when I pretend that I'm angry and I shout at her. Then she will put her tail/head down and walk very slowly towards me and roll over.

She had this behavior since we got her at around 3 months. It's getting tiresome as only I can get her to wear the harness while my wife struggles as she doesn't listen to her. Is there anything else I should try?

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