Dog digging a hole in my couch

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Hey everyone. I have a one year old cocker poodle mix who likes to “dig” to get comfortable. He’ll go to my bed or my couch and circle and before he lays down he’ll like pseudo dig for a few seconds to get comfortable. He understands the command “no” and when he’s told no he won’t do it and he knows he is not supposed to. Within the last few weeks he’s now started digging at this one part of my couch (this couch was VERY expensive and it’s my favorite thing ever so I’m very pissed) he lays on when I’m gone at work and it has started fraying and is VERY close to creating a hole. I put a blanket over this spot to prevent this but when I get back home he has scratched the blanket out of the way and exposed the frayed part he lays on for digging. I don’t want to have to put him up when I’m gone just because of this, but I live in an apartment that is a large studio so I can’t keep him out of the room the couch is in. He won’t dig when I’m home because he knows he’s not supposed to, so how do I keep/train him from doing it when I’m gone? TYIA

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