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My 1 year old JRT/beagle/basenji has recently gotten really unwilling to listen lately, and he is trying to do what he wants whenever he wants all the time all of a sudden. He knows what he's supposed to do, he is incredibly smart but the strong-willed part is starting to become a challenge. This past week when we are on a walk he just decides to take a prolonged sniff, or sit down to rest, absolutely oblivious to my command to come after he's had a bit of fun, this time like 5 minutes or so, to the point I think I may have to pick him up which isn't great… Usually it's better when my husband is with for a walk, but we went on a hike the other day and when he saw dogs he just went crazy with wanting to play, he starts bearing down like a sled dog and whimpering trying to get to them. We don't let him pull, redirect him as able and treat him for listening and focusing, but he will almost tear your arm off if he gets excited. This guy needs an epic amount of exercise mentally and physically which we really good about doing most days and helps a lot, but it's getting really hot out and a 1.5 hour stimulating walk isn't possible every day right now. He's also very picky about what he will do for stimulation which is frustrating. I've tried to get him to play fetch, which he won't do for more than 10 seconds. He got bored with chasing the hose and all his toys. The dog park here doesn't have a small dog section and is full of huge, poorly supervised dogs all the time. If he doesn't burn off everything during the day he will run in circles about 65 miles an hour with the biggest crazy smile on his face, grass and dirt flying everywhere and I swear to god smoke sometimes too… I have read you want to be careful not to build up a ton of endurance in a high energy dog because then it gets harder to tire them out, but I don't know what else to do. This little guy is freaking ripped from all his running around. I love my dog so much but he's starting to drive us nuts with this shit, and I hope to God it's a phase. Any advice?

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