Dog clingy after loss of ‘big sister’ elder dog

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Hi. Just after Christmas last year we had to make the difficult decision to euthanise our 15yo Chihuahua cross. Our 8 yo toy poodle has never known life without the Chi, and has become very anxious about his human's whereabouts at all times since losing his 'big sister'.

We understand this is a time of transition, and have been trying to keep his routine the same as much as we can as a way of reassuring that all is okay. He is not eating as much as usual and sleeping a lot. (Had annual vet check a few weeks before we lost the Chi and no health issues).

We would like to start doing the usual type of separation anxiety training (special routine to indicate we are leaving but will return, starting small and building up time away etc.), but are worried about the usual increase in anxiety that accompanies the start of this type of training.

This is my first time in this situation. Any advice this community has on dog behaviour after the loss of a lifelong companion would be greatly appreciated.

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