Dog bites roommate when he comes home

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My girlfriend just moved in with her Jack Russell Terrier. The dog has previously lived in roommate situations before with no issues. She will bark when people come to the door sometimes, such as the mailman. She is very aggressive barking at my roommate and will occasionally bite him and hold on. I didn't know this was happening until today when I went downstairs to tell her to stop barking, and found her latched on to his foot as he tried to shake her off. He does not interact with her when he comes home, he just goes through the door and up to his room. She is not usually aggressive with him once he is home, although she has barked at him once or twice when he has come out of his bedroom and she was nearby. What can I do to prevent this? Barking is one thing, but obviously biting is a huge problem that needs to stop immediately because I can't make it downstairs to stop her in time often. I am not sure what I should do with the dog or how I should instruct the roommate. He is understanding as of now but I am very concerned she will inflict a more serious injury and that will change.

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