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I have had dogs my entire life and just adopted a three year old Yorkshire terrier. He obviously came from a home that hit him and I think kicked him. He drops to the ground sometimes when I go to pet him but when he gets pets he is absolutely loving.

He hates meeting new people. He is terrified of them and barks and tries to nip them or bite them if they come into his house. He doesn’t seem bothered if he’s somewhere else. I thought neutering him might help with the territorial aggression.

He does really well with my other dog and my cat. I have a four year old that he’s nipped three times without breaking skin. Twice he seemed to be trying to play with her feet or maybe afraid of her feet when she walked by. He seemed really sad when she started crying.

Tonight I accidentally stepped on him. He always sleeps on a day bed we have but decided to sleep beside it. He completely ripped into my foot. I have a line that seems bruised with a little blood on top and a puncture wound on my toe. I completely understand that I stepped on him and he was frightened. He again seemed really upset/scared and wouldn’t come to me when I told him it was okay, I knew he didn’t mean it. I gave him pets and checked him over.

But now I’m worried because I have a four year old and there is a high likelihood that she may eventually accidentally step on the dog and I don’t want this to happen to her. He’s a super sweet, playful dog when he’s not fearful but I don’t know how to help him or if the risk to my daughter is too big to keep him. Any help or advice or suggestions would really help.

Thank you.

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