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I was hoping someone here could give me so information about my friends dog. he is a Springer Spanial rescue dog maybe a few years old now and has been neutered. my friend has done everything she can to help him with his issues so now he is very well behaved, he used to have a problem where he would meet a women get overly excited and pee either on them or next to them then he would play with himself. however this problem has now ceased except when he is around me, we have speculated as to why i am his only target, however neither of us know enough about dog behavior to pin point the problem. we have narrowed it down we think to it being something he can smell on me i take many medications for many different issues i have a contraceptive rod (which at one point i thought could be the issue hormones and everything) or just the natural smell i have, either way i was hoping some one would be able tell to me if there is any thing i can do to make this problem stop.

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