Dog Behavior Getting Worse. Is it me? Age? Help!

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Next month my goldendoodle turns 1yrs old. Since I've had her at 9 weeks, she's been wonderful. Sure, we've had the typical puppy/potty-trianing issues everyone goes through, but she's generally been wonderful and easy(ish) to train.

As of the last few weeks, I've noticed her behavior shift for the worse:

Temper Tantrums: today she full on whined and refused to walk because I wouldn't go to the park. Barking: I've noticed at the dog park she demand-barked once for someone's attention (they were playing fetch together), and also "mean"-barked at another dog because he was going for a ball in her mouth. For context, she NEVER EVER banks. period. So, it's unusual for us. Selective Hearing: when at the off leash park she hears me call to her, but has been slow/refuses to come when actually called to (something we trained a while back with relative success).

I'm not claiming she was perfect by any stretch, or the most well-trained pup. I just don't like this road we're heading down and want to course correct now. I will flag that over the past few weeks she's been going back to daycare more (could explain barking?).

Any advice on how I might address the above will be helpful!

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