dog becomes really destructive when left alone

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Hi all, I need some advise here. We recently adopted a spanish greyhound (2 months) and at first she was doing really good when left alone, but in the last two weeks she's become really really destructive. We tried putting everything away and leave her with plushies, chew toys and puzzle food but in 1h she will have destroyed a lot of stuff and nearly touch hers. I can tell it's separation anxiety. She doesn't cry or anything when we leave but I can see on the baby monitor that she does when we are gone. We don't leave her alone a lot cause my partner works from home but recently it's been really bad. we can't even go to the movie, she will destroy anything. She bit in the kiwis, trashed my makeup bag, my brush etc. anything. any advise is appreciated. also, she is 1y/o.

Edit: We won’t crate her. That’s not an option.

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