Dog barks at other dogs when she can’t greet them in obedience class. Sounds aggressive even though she isn’t.

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So, my 7 month old border collie started obedience training tonight and totally embarrassed me. She can sit, down, stay, leave it, look at me, heel forwards and backwards….and much more. She also has been very well socialized with other dogs at puppy play dates, dog parks, and a local indoor dog park/pub (very cool place). In addition, I have another dog, and my family has a couple dogs. She is great with all of them. But tonight in class, we were expected to walk in and select a cubicle without allowing our dogs to explore the room or meet the other dogs or people. I’m not sure if it was stress or excitement or what. But every time one of the other dogs came near her during exercises, she barked in a deep tone and charged towards them. I couldn’t get her attention back with the hot dogs I had brought. And whenever it was our turn to walk around the room, she ignored me about half the time and focused on ground scents and the other dogs, occasionally going into another barking fit.

I know she’s not aggressive and I’m pretty confident we can get this behavior under control in a few more classes. But I was hoping for help with ideas of ways to practice dealing with the issue before I go back to class. Or help understanding what’s going on in her head. Thanks for any advice!!

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