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Hi Reddit! So I have two dogs, one is a Terrier and the other is a Corgi/Shepard. I adopted the Terrier 6 months ago and the Corgi/Shepard almost 2 months ago. Everyone gets along fairly well. I live with 2 other people, one really helps me with the dogs and the other not as much. But we all give them attention, etc. The Corgi/Shepard was highly abused, so it took awhile for her to get comfortable with touch, her surroundings, etc. But that has been an issue over a month and a half ago. Just recently the person who doesn’t help as much has been leaving in the mornings for work, and the C.S. dog will run after her and bark at her. She follows the person around and barks. Her tail is wagging most of the time, but considering that when I walked out, the C.S. was VERY happy to see me (as well as the Terrier) I am very concerned about this behavior. Can anyone help me out?

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