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Hello reddit,

First I apologize for my english as it is not my mother tongue, also i am on my phone.

I adopted my dog 10 months ago and she is very social. We have a dog walker who take her out 3 times a day with other dogs. He has our key so he will just let himself in to take her out, he told us she is just laying on the couch wagging her tail for him to scratch her bellie.

On Saturday we needed him to take her with him overnight as we were away. Generally he pick her up while we are already gone but this time he needed to stop by while we were still here so he knocked on the door.

She barked and growl at him and did not stop when I opened the door. It took her 1 minute to realize it was her favorite dog walker (she loves him).

Now I feel so bad because we have a cleaning lady and the maintenance crew in our building and I wonder if she does the same thing to them.

We are planning on training her by knocking on the door before entering. Any other advice?

She is just a sweet girl and I am really confused by her reaction.

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