Dog barking at mom when left alone with her

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I adopted my dog (a 2-year-old male rescue, neutered) about 7 months ago. At that time, I was living alone in an apartment. Some background, my dog has stayed with my boyfriend during the day or overnight with no issues with barking, and also with a dog sitter with no issues with barking. He does have separation anxiety when left alone, so we crate him when we leave the house.

Recently I've temporarily moved back into my parents' house, which means that my dog stays with my mom in the mornings for less than an hour while I'm working out. Before I leave, we go on a walk and I give him a frozen Kong full of his breakfast. According to my mom, after he finishes eating, he will just bark at her and she doesn't know what to do (it scares her). She tried taking him outside to potty, giving him treats, etc. I've told her that he's likely barking because she reacts when he barks and has learned that barking usually equals food from her. I've told her it is best to ignore him and he will stop, but she says she can't. He almost never barks at me (and when he does I re-direct to a command he knows (sit) and reward the sit rather than the bark. Trying to teach "quiet" command has not worked.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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