Dog barking and whining at passerbys

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Hi all,

I recently adopted an almost 5 year old Belgian Shepherd cross. She's an absolute beaut but has got a whole lot of anxiety, particularly around other dogs. We've been doing heaps of work on this when we've been out on walks – keeping at a distance where she isn't barking/whining and rewarding when she sits and watches me instead of barking/lunging at the other dog…we are working on being able to narrow the distance but I think it'll take a while. She really goes beserk when a dog is off leash, so we tend to just turn around and go the other way when we see one.

I feel like we are on a good track here, but what we can't seem to figure out a good routine for is when we are in the house and she sees people and their doggos walking outside. This drives her wild…barking, running around the house, whining. I've been keeping treats stashed by the door and when she starts growling I say "leave it" and if she does she gets a treat. It's not going so well. Any suggestions???

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