Dog attacked other stray dogs (no biting)

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Today i was giving my 6 months old Pitbull a walk, he is very friendly with humans and with animals, he never showed any signs of aggression, we were passing a cross a punch of stray dogs (1 female with 5 pups and 2 large males), the dogs started barking and were running towards us, my dog suddenly stoped he did not bark he just lift his tail and ears were up, he started pulling on the leash and it slipped through my hand (my hand was injured before this incident so i was not grabbing the leash hard enough) the other dogs ran and he was after them I kept yelling at him to come back but he didn’t listen (he usually pays attention to me) they stopped running and kept growling at each other but they didn’t bite each other, and then again the other dogs ran and he was after them but that time when i yelled at him he came to me, this didn’t happen before as i said he didn’t show any signs of aggression before, so i was wondering what should i do to prevent something like that from happening again, i am worried about him not listening to me when he goes in a similar state of mind that provoked this behavior.

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