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So our 6.5 month old puppy has progressed really well, and is fully potty trained. Right now, he sleeps on the couch by himself and we have a baby gate up to separate our room from the living room where he sleeps. The reason for this separation is because he and our cat do not get along, or moreso, the cat does not like him haha. This setup allows the cat to still have his own space and to still have time with us/near us. He does not like the puppy because the puppy charges at him (to play) and the cat feels threatened by it, so I get it.

So I guess we have two situations at hand:

1) How should we go about bettering the relationship between cat and puppy? They don't have to be besties, but it would be great if they could be in the same room together.

2) The other issue is that even if we force it or if they did get along, is night time. Since the cat space is our room/bathroom, his food, water, and litter box are there as well. We have learned very quickly that puppies LOVE to eat cat food and LOVE to eat cat poop. Is this a simple behavior to train away, or is there an effective solution to keep the cat items away from the puppy without pushing the cat into isolation?

Our end goal is to have an environment with no baby gates up, and we would love it if we could have the puppy sleep with us while still maintaining the bond/relationship with our cat. Right now it feels like we are backed into isolating one of them and are essentially alternating it.

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