Dog always crying- am I doing the right thing?

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Hey guys, I just posted recently but I had another thing I wanted advice on. My 3 year old mutt is very vocal. I don’t mind him crying sometimes or just talking in general, I kind of like hearing that he’s there. The problem is, he cries endlessly. He has since I got him a year and a half ago. He will have eaten, drank, gone to the park and ran around for an hour, gone potty and everything and he will still sit here and cry for my attention. The vet has said he’s just young and vocal and he’s in great health. I used to say “no” and “go lay down” a lot to get him to stop. I recently took a reactive dog class and we talked a lot about positive reinforcement and I realized that I may be making things worse by giving him any attention, even if it’s negative. So, I decided I would just ignore the crying (being sure all his needs were met first, obviously, but I’m talking about just incessant “mom I want your attention” stuff). It seems to get worse when my partner goes to work and the dog and I are alone. I can curb the behavior with treats, games, or bones; but I want him to know that not every waking second is going to be “entertain Gumbo” time. My partner and I work very hard to make sure he has plenty of exercise and stimulating activities and toys. So, today I have been ignoring his crying. He will cry for like a full 30 minutes, then lay down and stop. Then get up and start again. I feel guilty/bad or like it’s not working? I don’t know. I feel bad that I’m ignoring my dog when he is crying at me, even though I know he doesn’t need anything specific, he just wants my attention. Am I doing the Right thing here? Is this cruel? Is there a better alternative? Thank you!!

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