Dog aggression/impulsivity

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Do you have a suggestion for this behaviour?

My dog is 4 1/2 years old. I love him to death. His problem is just that is really impulsive/reactive and when he doesn't like a dog he starts to pull and bark. With females it is usually a different story. He's not desexed.

I tried to remove him from the stimulus. I tried to pull him away. I tried to reward good behaviours. I tried to use punishments making me feel bad. I tried to ignore him and reward only what I want. I tried to slowly exposing him to other dogs but it doesn't work because he is like a clock bomb and after a while if not controlled it will explode. I don't know what else should I do because he goes back to barking and pulling regardless.

I thought it was the breed as he's a doberman. I thought he may be at training issue and I have to change techniques and my emotional status. I thought that he is just stupid. I thought it could be the time of the day for the weather or hormones. I can't manage to understand what to do to make him more friendly and less aggressive.

Do you have any suggestions?

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