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Adopted a male samoyed back in August from a family. From what the family told me, zero was having anxiety with the city life, loud noises, and all around anxious of the busy life. We adopted zero and brought him home where his new environment is less stressful, quiet and he actually enjoys walks. Since we got him, I don’t think he was ever properly disciplined. The family took him in after someone abandoned him at a doggy day care. There are times where he gets into things he shouldn’t or chews on my underwear. When we try to tell him no and remove said object, he’ll get aggressive and snaps at us. He has yet to bite me but that’s the only time he’ll show aggression. Just seeing if anyone has tips or has dealt with this sort of thing before. He’s a sweet dog otherwise and is super friendly. No aggression with other dogs, toys, or food. It’s only when he is up to no good.

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