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My dog is an older dog, I’ve had him for about 12-13 yrs, and I have a very close relationship with most dogs I am around on a somewhat frequent basis, most dogs usually tend to like me a lot. For a while now he has started acting weird, particularly towards me. He has always had a mind of his own, but I’ve always been able to get him to come when I call or lay next to me for periods of time. He even used to come find me in my room on his own accord. Now, all of these behaviors have stopped, he barely goes near me, refuses to lay by me, ever. It’s pretty shitty as a dog lover, and I want my old dog back. I have another dog, and her behavior hasn’t changed a bit, she isn’t but a couple years younger than my other dog. My dad seems to think it is correlated to the smell of weed smoke which I use on occasion, but I have since stopped smoking and the same behavior w my dog occurs. Plz give me any advice, I miss my dog

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