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Recently my mom has left to go back to work and we have 2 rescue dogs: Lucy (mini poodle) and Dez (mini maltese). Lucy behaves just as normal when my mom leaves, however, Dez is completely different.

He starts to come into my arms (which he refuses to do if my mom is around), and then becomes almost scared of me? For example, he will come into my arms but sometimes he is shaking and I don't want him to fearfully only want to snuggle with me when my mom isn't there to "protect" him. He also refuses to eat his food (which he gladly eats in less than a minute when my mom is home). Lucy eats fine, but then moves to start eating his food so I try and accommodate for him but he is so afraid of the bowl that sometimes he runs upstairs or just plain shakes while he takes tiny bites.

For context, they are rescues with a trauma filled past. We have had them (a bonded pair) for about 2 1/2 years and they have always acted like this when my mom leaves, but not to this extent where Dez is refusing to eat (it is quite concerning for me). I love them so much, it just makes me so upset that he is fearful of his food when alone with me. I just want him to act normally as though my mom is home. Any help is appreciated!!!

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