Dog (3) & Baby (1 yr)

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We have a dog who we’ve had for three years this September. We just had a baby last July and he is almost a year old, and subsequently moving around quite a bit. Our dog loves to lay on the couch (sectional) during the day and the baby likes to walk around the coffee table or using the couch as support. Whenever the baby comes near the dog, she’s started to grow at the baby and just recently showed teeth. We’ve been trying to keep the baby away or move dog out of the living room if it’s too much. I’m getting frustrated because the baby can’t reach the dog while she’s on the couch, but she’s upset that the baby is near her and reaching for her. Baby on the other hand thinks it’s all hilarious and a game, so we’ve been trying to encourage him to not chase dog and redirecting him. The dog was totally fine with baby until he started moving around (and she still loves baby when he’s confined and not moving). She’s also been around toddlers (2-3) and has been very fine with them, never growled or anything, so I’m not sure if she’s just uncertain, if it’s a territory thing with the couch, or what.

Just looking for reassurance, advice, anything really. Is there anything else I should or shouldn’t be doing? Definitely not punishing the dog for growling, because I know next step is a bite without warning, but I also am getting frustrated by “unnecessary growling”, if that makes sense. Obviously I want to be able to keep both in my house and feel like it’s possible, but I also want to make sure everyone is safe.

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