Does my puppy need rest or exercise/stimulation right now?

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I have a 6 month old labradoodle. We are working with a brilliant dogtrainer who recommended that we go to a dog park to let him off leash and socialize with other dogs. I had been apprehensive because of all the bad stuff I had heard about dog parks, but she recommended a specific one and it had been absolutely amazing. We have met really nice people and our pup has been so happy to play with other dogs, BUT my husband and I do not agree on the frequency!

We have been four times this week already and my husband wants to go again today. Yesterday he had what we call the bite zoomies where he will just suddenly snap and bite like CRAZY and be in a total frenzy. Our dog trainer says that that happens because of stress (which I totally believe) and since we have been working with her, he has become much calmer, but yesterday it happened again.

Today he has been in a weird mood and been having a few mini bite zoomies. My husband thinks that going to the dog park will help, but i’m afraid he’ll have an episode while we are there and that it will just make him even more stressed.

We have been there four times already this week vs only running in the backyard and walking on the leash three times a day.

Is he overstimulated or understimulated?? What do you think?

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