Does leaving window open encourage pup to urinate under window?

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May sound like a silly question but was just thinking to myself. My newly adopted puppy usually pees outside in the backyard on the grass under constant supervision, when he needs to go I'll take him to his spot and he'll do his business, and if I am lucky he may even cry or walk to the backyard door to let me know he needs to go.
Recently within the last day or two, and I've only had him for a week, he would go and urinate under the dining room table near the window that opens to the backyard.
My question is, would the scent of his pee travel through the window and encourage him to urinate under the window (usually the carpet underneath)? and if so, should I close my window to encourage him on his old, good boy behaviour?
Just curious

Kofu is close to 8 weeks old, male labrador X


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