Does doggy day care increase aggression?

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Hi everyone. I have a fantastic and very smart golden retriever. Helpful to know he’s also semi-giant for a golden. I’m wondering if anyone has experience with doggy day care increasing their dogs aggression. When we rescued him, he was cool as a cucumber. Following reading up on socializing and exercising puppies (and doing extensive research on a daycare in our area) we signed him up for one. It’s been a couple months, and I am noticing an aggressive streak in him. We’re seeking training for it, but I don’t know a lot about if daycare might be hurting more than helping. It’s supervised, but obviously they cant watch over every moment. He can freak people/other dogs out when out on walks. He will randomly decide he doesn’t like the look of a dog and bark/growl. It’s honestly hard to even predict if he’ll heel or all of a sudden spring forward. Appreciate any advice or thoughts and thank you!

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