Does anyone know strategies to curb attention-seeking behavior in a 2-year-old Golden Retriever?

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This post is more for my parents (who aren't very tech-savvy) than for me. My parents got a Golden Retriever puppy 2 years ago and she's been causing problems for my parents. Let me define problems, she LOVES grabbing things and playing keep-away. I tried to explain to them that she needs attention or else she'll find ways to force it out of you but my parents (my dad especially) claim that she's just a 'bad dog' because she was nothing like our past Golden.

Does anyone know strategies I can teach my parents how to curb his habit of hers? I am not always around as I am studying at Uni but I figured I should take the steps for them to learn how to live with a puppy.

Some more info about Phoebe

She grabs commonly used household items TV Remotes mainly She digs holes in our backyard She LOVES to play though.

I know it boils down to lack of attention but I need to teach my parents about what they are doing wrong so they can live with her. I would hate to see her go but my father is growing less and less patient with her.

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