does anyone have tips for properly raising a puppy while going to school when having other people come over to let him out and play with him isn’t an option?

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for backstory, there was a dog i really wanted at the shelter i foster kittens through and we had a connection and i was trying to convince my grandma to let me get him, but he already got adopted by another family, so i took to petfinder.

i’m beginning to think that a puppy would be the best option to adapt well to our home because we have 3 cats and a small older dog in the home.

however, my grandma thinks we don’t have time to raise a puppy since i’m at school from about 7:30-3 and she works. i figure something like this would work:

-get puppy toward end of thanksgiving break (she’s getting surgery this week and i’m getting my wisdom teeth out early in the break)

-work on getting him used to the home and trying to get him used to puppy pads

-set up a puppy pen for him with bed, food, water, toys, and puppy pad for when we’re gone

-wake up early to take him outside and play with him to tire him out

-leave puzzle toys for when he wakes up

-take him out and give him tons of attention as soon as i get home

i know it’s not ideal, but does anyone see any major problems with this schedule or have any tips on how to improve it?

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