Does anyone have suggestions on a slow feeder for a 7lb pom?

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Our rescue pom mix LOVES to eat and we have to be very careful to keep his weight below 7.5 lbs due to various health issues and the fact that he will eat until he bloats if we don't stop him. We recently bought a slow feeder meant for small dogs that has little ridges for him to work his way through. However all it did was take his eating time from 45 seconds to about a minute and a half (if we're lucky). I'm wondering if anyone has any other suggestions on what might slow him down a bit more. For reference, our vet has him on 1/4 cup a day so we give him 1/8 in the morning and 1/8th at night which isn't very much but I still feel like he scarfs it down. We feed him taste of the wild.

Thank you for any suggestions!

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