Does anyone else go into another room just to get a second away from your pup?

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Im really feeling puppy blues tonight. I’m sitting in my bedroom alone right now with the door shut because I just need a second without my pup nipping and zooming. She doesn’t like to zoom alone, so she includes me in her zoomies. I left her with husband in the den, but I hear her feet pitter patter outside the bedroom door. I hear several sniffs too. She’s looking for me wondering where I am. I want to be with my puppy, but I can’t interact with her on her terms right now. I just need a break, so I’m hiding in my room. To be honest, she hardly ever interacts with me on my terms throughout the day. All I want her to do is stop nipping, biting, lunging. I actually want to play with her. I want to take care of her and have a companion, but I swear, sometimes I think she doesn’t like me, and that she just likes my reactions to her nipping.

So I keep doing what the trainer tells me to do, while hoping that one day I’ll have a dog and not a rambunctious animal that bosses me around and takes up my entire day without any regard for me or anything around her.

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