Doberman Attack Training (


This Dobie is personal security educated and also readily available to buy to the right circumstance. He is VW clear (NON-Carrier). Fully learnt off-leash obedience and personal protection. Extremely high prey drive, extremely fast, active, and high social aggressiveness. Needs a seasoned trainer. Exceptional instance of an old design working doberman.


  1. Germans in WW2 was trained German shepherd to jump to neck and slaughter,
    what is in they animal Nature.
    Doberman is stronger than the German shepherd and a better for self-defense
    for police purposes. But German Shepherd has a stronger intuition and hes
    better for guarding military bases, especially in wartime, at night. I have
    more confidence in the dog’s sense of smell,than in humans eyes.´╗┐

    • so you know here were talking about doberman not german sheperd, the
      doberman is better guardian dog that the GSD not by intelligence but by
      physical force and bite the intelligence is involved in other cases not at
      the reaction time of the dog that is traing to protect you….

  2. *”The video trainings are exceptional, very detailed and highly
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    ]. It is good that I now have much information at my disposal for training
    our puppy. I will recommend this video to my friends and neighbors. Keep up
    the good work Dan!”*´╗┐

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    • There’s two lines, pet and working. The pet lines (in general) if they get
      their exercise in for the day are stupid chill couch potatoes, they adore
      kids, and stick to their master like Velcro.

      So you’re both right!

    • A gun.
      I’ve trained Krav Maga for a couple years, Muay Thai for over a decade, and
      I’m a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

      This ain’t call of duty, where you time it right and snap it’s neck. If I
      was ever in a situation where one of those animals gets ahold of me , I’d
      cry alot and beg for mercy and maybe the handler would feel bad enough to
      get him to stop.

      Beautiful well trained animal by the way! I love Dobies

  4. Everybody talks about how beastly, German Shepherds, Rottweilers & Pitbulls
    are which they are beast, Dobermans are right up there with them´╗┐


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