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About a month ago I asked this community for advice about getting a longer training leash.

This is a bit of a random post, but I wanted to just come out and say that getting a quality biothane (or similar leash) has been one of the best training tools I've purchased. It's absolutely wonderful being able to play with my puppy outside while she's on leash, and the longer length opens up a whole new world of possibilities in terms of training and interaction.

I wanted to give two quick pieces of advice:

Get yourself the biothane leash. It's worth the premium. In the UK, biothane (a US trademark) seems to be marketed under a variety of names, but it's essentially a leash made with an inner textile core and a water resistant polymer coating. It feels like rubber or plastic. Here is an example in the UK. If you can't find them, try searching for "water resistant leash". The reason why these leashes are so wonderful is because they're water resistant and it makes a huge difference. You can leave the puppy to drag the leash around the wet soggy grass, and it works just as well.

I bought a 15 foot leash, and I would say that it's about the right length for a small dog (but not a tiny one). 15 feet is a good length for you to walk into a field and give the puppy some space. For longer recall work or fetching, you can leave the puppy to drag the untethered leash; a longer 25+ foot line might be more difficult for the puppy to constantly drag and of course the longer it is, the higher the likelihood of the leash getting twisted and tangled.

Another advantage of the long leash is that it's much easier to leave the leash untethered, and catch the leash if the puppy goes off track. (Since you avoid either spooking the pup or making it think you're chasing it for fun).

I do agree with the advice in the other thread that eventually you might aspire for leashes of different lengths.

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