Do you love watching your pupper sleep, too?

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I love when my little guy is deep in his REM zzz’s. He’s a heeler and when he is super cozy he sleeps on his back which is the cutest thing ever as it’s a vulnerable position and means he feels safe! His crate is the right size for him, but he always has at least two limbs raised against the side of his crate. His little nose sniffs a ton when he’s in dream mode and his paws move like he is running. My favorite is the little barks he makes which are much quieter than his normal shriek. Post nap puppy is my kind of puppy. Enforced naps have been a game changer for us. We’re coming up on our one month anniversary of being together and he’s the first dog I’ve raised by myself. We haven’t been with out our struggles but I’m happy to be post-puppy blues. The oxytocin has done its work on both of us!

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