do dogs understand that play time ended for bad behavior?

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My pup, about a year old, likes to play fetch but then he likes to shove his toy/ball under the couches and whines and barks until I take it out. (he won't play with anything bigger) I've tried to just ignore him and leave it where it is but then he scratches the couches with his "digging" to get the toy out. I have blankets draped over the couches for an added barrier but the blankets are getting ruined and he still gets at the couches. I've tried blocking the spaces with other toys and beds but he moves them to complete his task. So now I'm taking the toy away when he puts it under and try to ignore him. Ignoring him leads to other bad behaviors like barking at where I stashed the toy/where he originally put it and chewing on things he shouldn't chew on. I've resorted to crating him as a punishment… but wondering if I'm doing this correctly. I don't want him to hate his crate as that's where he stays when left home alone.

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