Distemper puppy in training

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Hi everyone,

I rescued my puppy from a dumpster and she was diagnosed with distemper last week.

She is doing so well, she finished her treatment last Sunday and since then she’s been full of energy. She can’t go out for three months, not even to my yard. But I’ve got her plenty of toys and things to do inside meanwhile.

She is about two months old and it’s been 3 weeks since I rescued her, she still hasn’t learned bite inhibition and she is super rebellious. If I leave because she is being super bitey, she’ll growl at the door and bark a lot. If I scold her for biting, she’ll bark at me and keep biting.

I spend all day with her, she sleeps in bed with me (because of pneumonia the vet recommended it) and actually she is pretty well behaved in bed. Also her potty training is great.

I’m really worried about the biting and the rebellious phase, normally puppies I’ve rescued would calm down after I left or if I praised them for biting things they should, she doesn’t. She will bark and growl if I say no, or “ouch”, or go away, or even if I redirect her biting.

She’s bitten my mom pretty badly and we want to keep her, so we want to train her right even if she can’t go out and have contact with other dogs while recovering.

Thank you

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