Distemper puppy in training

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A little background on my puppy:

I found her inside a bag in a dumpster. I recovered her but we found out she has distemper. She is about 2 months old, I’ve had her for almost a month now.

She’s been doing great, she has a lot of energy and it’s eating and drinking a lot.

She sleeps with me, she had pneumonia so the vet recommended I monitored her closely in her sleep. I had and she sleeps all night, no accidents.

But she is super rebellious. She bites pretty hard, draws blood and all. I’ve been teaching her “stop” to stop biting and praise her when she does. Also “drop it” and “down”. She does listen to me sometimes, but most of the time she doesn’t, she just gets worse. Bites harder, barks at me or growls when I try to stop the biting.

I’ll walk away for a minute, come back and it all happens again.

She isn’t aggressive, she is moving her little tail and bowing down to play while doing this. I don’t know how can I communicate to her that my words are a command, not play or something.

She can’t go out and meet other dogs, so I’m pretty worried about bite inhibition.


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