[Discussion] What do you carry, and how do you carry it?

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In the throes of training my wonderful nearly 6 month old lab mix. When we go for walks, even just short ones to potty, I'm often frustrated at my lack of ability to carry everything I want to. Things I would like to take, but generally can't:




Variety of treats (reactive on leash so need those high value goodies on hand)

At least one toy (food and play motivated)


First aid kit

I have a treat bag that clips to my waist/belt loop that can hold my clicker and maybe 3 kinds of treats if they are all dry. This is made especially difficult because a lot of women's clothing doesn't have functional pockets.

So what do you guys take on walks? How do you carry it all?

Puppy tax https://imgur.com/vNsAgln

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