[Discussion] Varying advice about walks – Help?

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So, I grew up with dogs and have now owned my own for almost 3 years. My parents were pretty great with dog training and I learned a lot from them. I always bring my dogs to training classes, and my current puppy is going to be in training basically forever because I plan to do agility with her!

However, when it comes to loose leash walking, I am still always so confused. It is the one training thing I have never been able to fully get down. My 2.5 year old dog is great with almost everything else, but after years he is still inconsistent with it. He isn't super pully, but if he sees something more interesting than us he will definitely try to yank my arm off.

I really want my girl (16 week old German Shorthaired Pointer) to be able to come on long hikes and adventures with us without pulling – but I'm getting conflicting advice.

We go to puppy socialization drop-ins at a local training school, and during the drop-ins they also do some training. They were VERY adament about never walking your puppy (ever!) until it can loose leash walking.

Our actual training school (which I love by the way) is not so strict about it. They, of course, say that loose leash walking is important and the goal, but at this age socialization is important, and walks are a good way to explore and get used to everyday sights and sounds.

I am worried that by walking my puppy when she's still so pully that we'll 'ruin' her – I have never successfully taught loose leash walking to any dog before so I REALLY want to do it right this time!

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