[Discussion] How long until puppies usually sleep through the night?

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My almost 14-week old German Shorthaired Pointer has gotten SO much better in the crate over the last few weeks. There was a time I thought she would never get used to it (oh my, those screams) but now she is capable of going in during the day and sleeping for about 2 hours at a time while we go about our day or leave the house! She is really good at night to but…

Although she sleeps through the night in the sense that she stays in her crate from night until morning, she still wakes up to pee 1-2 times per night.

We put her to bed around 9:30-10:30 (varies because of my husband's schedule but we try to be as consistent as possible) and then get her out around 5:30-6.

She will then almost always whine around 3:30 – even if we've waken up to give her a pee break around 12-1. We take her out of the crate, take her to pee, and then right back in. A few times she has had to poop, but usually it's just a pee and then back to sleep. She doesn't whine after that or seem to beg for attention, so it really does seem like she just has to go to the bathroom.

Our other dog slept through the night within three DAYS. So I feel like our expectations may have been a little high …but now we're going on over a month with getting woken up every night, and it's starting to get a little exhausting.

Is this normal at 14ish weeks? Or should we start limiting water (something I really don't want to do) or see if maybe there's another reason she can't seem to hold it overnight?

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