Difficulties training my dog to return the toy ALL the way to me when playing fetch (or am I expecting too much?)

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What I'm trying to ask here mostly is whether I am being too hard on my 7 month old Shichon puppy. Suggestions of course are welcome.

Fetch with my puppy ends up pretty much like this, I throw the toy, she comes running back into my general vicinity, and then dives towards one of 3 key locations that she has decided are nice places to lay down and chew her toy. What she wants, now, is for me to come to her so she can dart around a bit and fight me for the toy. Okay, I know you've all experienced something like this.

I've been training her that fetch won't continue until she brings the toy all the way back to me. She will usually chew it and try to taunt me for a while, and I keep repeating "bring it to me" until she finally gives up and comes towards me. She generally will eventually come to about 3-4 feet away, and drop the toy, sit nicely, and just stare at me. Now, she won't fight me for it anymore, but wants me to come to her the rest of the way to pick it up. I don't want her to stop short of 3-4 feet, I want her to actually come right up to me with the toy. I don't care if she wants to play tug of war, but I want to sit in my chair and not get up and just be able to repeatedly throw the toy.

She's clearly returning the toy to me when she stops at a distance. Is this considered all that should be expected? Am I demanding too much that she come all the way back to me before I throw the toy?

I've been rewarding her with treats for when she actually does come all the way to me and I only play fetch when she returns all the way consistently, so I know this will be the way to train her, but I just wanted to know whether I'm being too demanding and whether this was an awful way to treat my dog or a reasonable expectation.


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