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Hi Reddit,

My 2yr old labrador has been getting really overweight (he's 50kgs rn)

My family has been feeding him rice cooked with chicken stew and stuff like that, but doesn't like rice much, and he won't have food the whole day sometimes. My dad will always give him his table scraps and he will never stop that.

I have been really frustrated with this and I don't want my child to get arthritis or other things. I have been looking at home food for my labrador. I have asked my family to stop feeding him and I'm taking control of his diet.(my dad will certainly still feed him scraps)

I was thinking to feed him 4-5 pieces of bread, curd and 2 boiled eggs twice a day for starters but I have no idea if that's an okay diet. I don't know what is a good amount of food and how many times. Please help me out here reddit


TL;DR: 2year old 50kg labrador, want new home diet, dad will feed him scraps

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