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Hi everyone!

We got our puppy a few months ago and we noticed more recently that she has been constantly scratching and biting her feet. We were feeding her Nutro chicken and rice. Vet said it could be an allergy and too change the food with no chicken. We also have read that Nutro has had issues with their formula and many dogs were dying from it. We switched brands to redford. We put her on RedFord Salmon and Oatmeal.

But after we changed the food we noticed she wasn't pooping normally anymore. She used to go 3 times a day and her poop was fairly large. She is a Lab hound mix about 50 lbs. Now her poop schedule is one maybe two small poops per day.

She has been on the new food for about a week now. Is this normal? Her behavior is the same, her activity is the same. Everything is completely normal except the fact she really doesnt poop much anymore.

She seems to really like the food. With the Nutro she never ate a full 3 cups and never ate in the morning. Now she eats 3 full cups a day and has a breakfast and dinner.

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